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Book - Green Wedge:Photographs of Werribee South by Imran Abul Kashem

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Testimonials About the book

“Amazing photos of Werribee South showing the old and the new” 

-Dr Joe Garra

“Unique view of Wyndham with the rest of the world” 

-Diane Tabbagh

“Captures the heartbeat of Werribee South” 

-Deborah H Dickinson

“Photos give readers an insider's look into the community of Werribee South”

-Alesha Capone

“A beautiful representation of Werribee South and the hidden gems we have” 

-Misty Palmer

“Insightful images captured in and around my treasured backyard of Werribee to cherish and reflect upon now and for generations to come”
- Annie Lo


Wyndham resident and professional photographer Imran Abul Kashem has documented Werribee South past four years through his camera and published his documentary photography book 'Green Wedge: Photographs of Werribee South'.

The photographic work presented in the book is exploring the current transformation of Werribee South from agricultural land into a residential area. The Transformation from a farmer's community, which provided the living for immigrants from Italy, Albania and Greece, to a modern harbour city is creating a social tension within the two communities. Imran's work raises questions on how those changes will affect the already struggling agricultural communities in Werribee South.

Second Edition
ISBN: 978-0-646-80841-3
Medium: hardback
Size: 11" x 8.5" Medium Landscape Perfect Bind Imagewrap Hardcover Photo book Paper Type : Premium Silk
Page: 60
Published by Imran Abul Kashem
Forwarded by Bill Strong (A Brief History of Werribee South)

About the Author

A former journalist, Imran is inspired by everyday occurrences and lived experiences. After moving to Australia in 2008 from Bangladesh he was confronted by the language barrier and found it difficult to tell people's stories in an unfamiliar language. To overcome this obstacle Imran turned to photography as a new outlet to communicate, and rediscovered a medium he had always been passionate about. While studying photography at Melbourne Polytechnic, Imran worked on a variety of short and long term personal projects.

In 2017, he was awarded a Mobility Grant from the State Government of Victoria, which allowed him to travel to Japan and document daily life there. In 2018, Imran participated in a 7days storytelling workshop with famous documentary photographer William Yang. Through projected photographs he performed 'The Story Only I Can Tell' at Wyndham Cultural Centre along with Willian Yang. He was also nominated for 'Place Patterns' project in 2017 which a cultural development project presented by Wyndham City with support from Creative Victoria. As part of the project

In 2018, he published a book titled 'Same/Different' follow up with as public exhibition of the photos. SAME/DIFFERENT is a photographic investigation into the cultural habits of new and old Australians as revealed by idols attached to their rear-view mirrors. Over the course of three years photographer Imran secretly documented the trinkets he observed in vehicles around Wyndham City hanging from mirrors or sitting on dashboard.

In 2019, he was nominated Emerge Cultural Ambassador of Multicultural Arts Victoria. He is also facilitator of Photography at Saltwater Art Studio in Point Cook. He was the recipient of Wyndham Arts Assist grant for his exhibition of 'Green Wedge' exhibition and the book, he received funding from Multicultural Arts Victoria and Gandel Philanthropy. 'Green Wedge' project was to capture the transformation of Werribee South as new residential development encroaches on existing farmland.